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What you need to know


We are located at 2233 W. Grand River Ave. Okemos, MI  48864

Note: we are on West Grand River Ave. - about 1/2 mile West of the Meridian Mall, on the South side of the road.

For a map, click here.


At the current time, we are open By Appointment Only

Please call 517-349-3340 or email okemosstudio@comcast.net to schedule a time.

Thank you!


We know you have a choice in photographers. And we know we may be higher, or lower, priced than many. We also know you want the best - a creative session, exceptional customer service, and portraits that you and your family will enjoy for generations. By choosing Okemos Studio, you are making a choice to get the quality and experience you can from a professional photographer.

Our pricing reflects the quality of your entire experience, from your first contact to picking up your finished portraits, you will receive outstanding customer service, individual attention, and portraits that are worth your time and investment. We offer you an experience you won't get at any chain store or part time photographer.

People have been choosing Okemos Studio for their portraits for over 50 years. Come see why.

Choose Professionals. Choose the Best. Choose Okemos Studio!


For sessions, viewing, and ordering portraits, you will need an appointment. All sessions are done by appointment only, to assure that we are prepared to create the portrait you want, and that our photographers are here and not on location.

Portrait consultations to plan your session are also best if scheduled by appointment, to make sure staff is available to take their time working with you.

Because viewing and ordering images require the use of a presentation area, appointments are required for both. For your convenience, these appointments can be scheduled when you are scheduling your session or when you are photographed. Call 517-349-3340 and our staff will be happy to help you.

Appointments are not necessary for picking up finished orders or placing a reorder. Please feel free to give us a call if you are unsure you need an appointment. We are always happy to talk to you! 517-349-3340



We are fortunate to have an outdoor studio right here on our property! In the garden area we have flowers, trees, a trellis, waterfall, pond and even a beach scene. For a more urban look, there are brick walls, concrete, stone, metal, graffiti wall and other elements that make it look like you're downtown!

If you have an outdoor session, and it looks like it might rain, please call us! Summer and fall showers often come and go quickly or it might be raining where you are, but dry here at the studio. If it's overcast, no worries! The light can actually be very flattering.

If it is raining, we will be happy to reschedule the outdoor part of your session. Come in for your session as planned, and while you are here, we will work with you (and the weather reports) to find a new time to do your outdoor session.

Don't worry, this shouldn't delay your entire process much. It is much easier to reschedule an outdoor session than a combination of indoors and outdoors. That could take weeks, as our schedule is often very full.


If you normally wear glasses, you probably will want to do so in your portraits, just have the lenses removed, if possible. Or see if you can borrow an empty pair of frames from your optometrist.
Sometimes it is impossible to completely avoid glare in glasses, especially outdoors, so having the frames without the lenses is really the best option. Then you'll look like you without the glare!



If you're going to get a haircut or highlights, try to do so at least 1 week before your session. We recommend not trying a radically different style, because if you don't like it, you will have to wait weeks before it grows out.



  • Solid colors photograph the best. Sometimes patterns can be distracting in studio portraits, and too busy for outdoor backgrounds. We won't tell you what color is best for you - wear your favorite! If you've gotten compliments when you wear a certain color, that just might be the best one to choose!
  • For family or group portraits, we don't want you to match, per se, but your colors should look good together! Pick similar tones and don't pick one that stands out from the others. Here's a trick: choose where you want to display your portrait and lay out the outfits on a sofa or table to see how they work together and look in that space.
  • A little planning ahead will make your portrait look better and one that you'll always enjoy!



  • Props are a really fun way to personalize your portraits!
  • For children's portraits, a favorite toy, blanket, or special heirloom can really add special meaning.
  • For senior portraits, many of our sessions include bringing props. If your session does, feel free to bring musical instruments, sports equipment, stuffed animals, posters, class ring, etc. Be creative! If you have a lot of trophies, ribbons, or a hobby collection you want to bring, ask about adding on a Special Interests session to give our photographers extra time to display your items best.
  • Seniors, to print this information, visit our Info_Specials page for our "How to Prepare for your Session" brochure.

When will I see my images?

In most cases, your images will be ready to view in as little as one week! When you are in the studio for your session, we'll explain the viewing options and make arrangements for you. If you want to plan ahead, we can even do it when you schedule your session!